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Kristaps Priede is a Latvian artist who deals with conceptual art. He works in painting, sculpture, creates installations and manifests himself in other forms of art. The central theme of his work is human spiritual freedom and faith. The sacred themes permeate the artist's works and reflect his identity, his love, fear of nature, belonging to northern Europe, the mystery, and the focus on current problems in the society.

The artist is looking for an appropriate way and artistic style for the realization of each work. His works are targeted to make the viewers survive the catharsis, to reject the ruling negations, to identify themselves, to find inner peace and gain strength.

Firstly, the artist mainly uses dark tones, especially purple as an absolute value. Secondly, there is his minimalist expression. He abandons the superfluous and excels the essence of the content and form. Priede’s works are perceived as signs of mundane issues, valuable content, and spirituality.

Kristaps Priede loves Scandinavian Design and put the emphasis on his nationality and history.

He has been painting since 2002. Since 2007 he has taken part in a series of group exhibitions. 


Tel: +371 22 8484 18

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