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2017, installation consists of a triptych of paintings (216,5 x 70 cm each), oil/ canvas; one bench (55 x 42,5 x 30 cm), wood/ metal; music composition (7.19 min.).


Human is a subject of the constantly changing process. That leads to the question of how much in this process remains of one’s self. Installation "KODS" is a story of returning to nature on a winter’s night when the moon illuminates the sky, forests and ground. The work refers to nature as to the only peacemaker. Installation "KODS" evokes the growing awareness and enlightenment.  It provides a peaceful heaven for the human spirit that suggests answers to the questions raised by a viewer. It synthesizes Lutheran simplicity and aesthetics of the artist painting. The work contains a code of the Northern nature and human mentality.

The artist believes in the power of the Universe to clear our mind and give energy. "KODS" visualizes the artist's value system and its various external influences. The cross is like "X" – hidden and unknown but always being searched for. The work encourages the viewer to pose philosophical questions: Why do you exist?  What are your intentions? Where are you going? Is your chosen way the right one?

The work encourages reflecting on oneself and leads to the clarity. Installation "KODS" is like a portal that leads through the unknown to the truth, congruence, harmony and most importantly - to peace. The central element of the installation is the cross, rendered as a golden string. The cross connects the viewer to the energy and movement, invites him to pursue his own development, the sustained progress for growth while never giving up.

The installation consists of three paintings, a bench and a music composition.


Art Academy of Latvia, Žanis Lipke Memorial, Association "Jaunā Kultūras māja", musical group "Voice of Instrument", artists association "Sidegunde".

Thanks to Ivars Heinrihsons, Valdis Celms, Imants Vecozols, Džemma Skulme, Helēna Medne and others who helped to create the project!


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