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Glitsky (Eng. Polar stratospheric cloud), 2021

10 paintings, 180 x 150 cm, handmade colors - special crystal and pearl acrylic on canvas. 


"I start with my own heartbeat, its original rhythm determined and confirmed my existence in this world, it introduced me as a part of Space. The universe is always pulsating in me, I dance to its rhythm. My Trance and Dance is a journey away from myself. Into the unknown, where always, over and over again, I find myself."


Kristaps Priede continues to explore the dimension of the human spiritual world. The word 'glitsky' in Icelandic denotes a special natural phenomenon - shining clouds, which are formed from small pieces of ice at high altitudes above the ground and, in interaction with the light of the sky, create an interplay of different shades. The abstract form of the works expresses the individual's search for conflicting areas of mind and feelings. Kristaps Priede is interested in how far a person can go to explore the boundaries. Human choices can often be destructive, so the artist is preoccupied with the ethical aspect of this search. His 'dance' is outside of himself, outside of the physical body.

The series of works has been created within the exhibition "Trance and Dance" in collaboration with the artist Alvine Bautra.

Curator Mag. art. Iveta Feldmane

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