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2019, performance​ 10:16. Bern, Lausanne, Basel. Switzerland

Actor: Marcel Muller

Photo: Corinne Futterlieb, Samuel Nashaat Surial Georgy, Christian Knörr

Performance Festival der Schweizer Kunsthochschulen
ÉDHÉA SierreF+F ZürichHEAD GenfHGK BaselHKB BernHSLU D&K LuzernZHdK Zürich

The story is about human relationships with nature and the environment around themselves. It needs to be in balance. Unfortunately, man is a selfish being. He controls his surroundings and feels like the main one. He draws borders, geometrizes the environment and also himself. Lines, structures, grids are formed, as a result of which he limits himself, his life and freedom. How far humanity will go, trying to control everything, sort it out by their own rules?

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