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The Black Ice

The Black Ice, 2017

Paper/ ink/ charcoal/ gouache (90 x 64 cm), ice skates (55 x 30 x 30 cm)


Artist says: "Winter is my favorite season. As a child, I liked to stay out until late night. Once I asked my parents to buy me an ice skates as present, because I wanted to learn to skate with them on the pond ice so badly. But my father told me, that if I want skates, then I have to buy them by myself. As skates was very expensive, I did no get them.


‘The Black Ice’ is a story of my dream to be on ice skates at night. Dream as abstract lines - skate left ruts in the ice - gives the human mind energies and impulses of life moving forward."


Work shows the original father's ice skates.


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