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The Wild Plant, 2014

Acrylic/ emulsion/ linen canvas/a raw heart of cow

80 x 120 cm



Once I was on the borderline, between the shadow blinded scraper and the white light. Comparing with the noted Latvian writer Rudolfs Blaumanis novel 'Nezale' (English: a wild plant), I am still walking and breathing on Earth.


This painting is a survivors scream against violence; and in the body of a mother breeding and living dependant soul. The technique used by artist in this painting is a raw heart of a cow, which symbolises the mother, her presence and the part of the living connection. Contrasted painting tells about the pain of an unborn child, the agony and powerlessness against the harmful lifestyle of the mother, and abortion. The abortion is shown with a knot, that tightens the bond between flesh of the breeder and the child. The dominating black area located in the head of the foetus shows the unbearable pain of a child, while being completely silent. The painting is a result of my ability to sense the border between the subconsciousness and the existence.


Every child is a decision of the God, so let them blossom out!

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