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2017, plaster/ metal/ aluminum composite material, 65 x 80 x 45 cm


Violence can take different forms - physical, sexual, psychological and emotional. The indicators of prevalence of violence in Latvia are among the highest in Europe. It is much more difficult to spot it if compared with physical violence. The problem is the still existing popular myths in Latvian society. Almost half of the inhabitants consider violence a norm and finds it acceptable. It is important to note that violence increases violence.

The artist's goal is to raise the level of responsibility of the society. People avoid interfering with the problems of others. However, any person wants to live a healthy and happy life and to live in such a society.

The work depicts a naked boy looking at a black circle. It symbolically tells that deep inside of everybody there is a child, but it can be seen only when the outer shell of the adult is broken. The black circle is an emotional sign and serves as a portal.


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