You are welcome in the courtyard of Löwengraben16 / 18!

This is part of the Master's thesis "Courtyard" of artist Kristaps Priede, Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, in which you are invited to participate in the study of the courtyard and find its "secret". You have a unique opportunity to get an insight into a historical place that has been closed for a long time. Its function has changed over the centuries.

“Courtyard” is an online art installation that reveals the spirit of the courtyard, or genius loci, where a plan is to discover that with pre-prepared questions and remote participation, searching for clues through observations, comparisons, interpretations, personal experience, and imagination. As a result, various subjective, imaginary data about the genius loci are obtained. The data will be analyzed and used in future artistic work, analyzing observations and interpretations of imagination about the place that is different for each person. The obtained data can be used to create an exhibition of arts designed especially for this place.

This project is based on the typology of an enclosed garden or hortus conclusus, which includes a sculpture of mirrors in the center of the courtyard and four video cameras (North, East, South, West) placed around the perimeter in a form of a cross, providing an almost complete view of the courtyard.


Take a deep breath and exhale... Try to be in a meditative mood, watch all four videos of the courtyard. Watch and listen, try to imagine that you feel the environment through all your senses (see, hear, touch, smell, and taste), merge with this place, imagine its history through the centuries. Make a connection with your personal feelings, associations, and memories that this place evokes in you. Please share your answers in a section below with your observations, feelings, and thoughts!

Camera NORTH

Camera South

Camera East

Camera West



Describe your first impressions of what you see, hear, and feel? Imagine exploring the courtyard with all of your five senses. 


Imagine yourself standing in the center of the courtyard and watching this place. Describe your imagination of its history. 


Share your personal feelings, emotions, associations, and memories that this place evokes in you. 

 Thank you!


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