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2017, canvas/ blackboard colour/ chalk, 90 x 122 cm


If the hypothesis is not written, it does not exist. If the potential of the hypothesis is reduced, in order to be proven, then its increased assertion and reliability is reduced. 


Universe (Latin: Universum) for humans is something unknown. As shown by Kristaps Priede observation, humans mostly give their faith to unknown. Perhaps, proving the Universe, they are reducing their faith. The word 'uncertainty' is a synonym for the Universe, where humans live with the current inability to explain it. Although humans with their available resources can observe the matter and energy of the Universe, however, put forward prediction, which is located behind the observed time-space boundaries, are not fully able to test experimentally. 


The majority of hypotheses is not proven and is manually deleted alike it was happening on the blackboard. Probably, with the progressive science, humans will be able to prove the hypothesis of the Universe, and its name will remain on the blackboard undeleted.

Photographer: Didzis Grodzs


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