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Modern Jesus

2016, oil/ canvas, 95 x 60 cm, London, Great Britain


The image of Man symbolizes strength, courage, and peace. The idea of this painting comes from the media telling people about the war actively taking place in Eastern Europe. The White Man preaches peace holding the truth in his hands. He is holding something that everyone has, and it is – nothing. The White Man gives a vague smile because he knows that the war makes no sense; it has negative consequences and nothing else. This image is like a modern angel. It emits light in the darkness, finds the peace for our souls. The light does not illuminate the space in which the figure is situated; it falls on Man’s face and hands only. The light and the darkness serve as a metaphor for life in this painting. It is part of our mortal condition; sometimes we feel surrounded by darkness. God promises us hope provided by His light. Nevertheless, spiritual light rarely shines on those who are just sitting in the darkness waiting for someone to press the switch. It is necessary to act in accordance with faith, to open the eyes to the Light of Christ.


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