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Art performance ‘Invisible Monument’ in Lausanne, June 12, 2019 at 16:10.

Authors: Kristaps Priede, Nicolas Jacot, Paola Quinterous, Parisa Akasereh.

Project by EDHEA and HEIA Fribourg.


The art project ‘Invisible Monument’ connects and provides the visitors with a sense of temporality, of space and place by reviving the past when revealing the intangible, but significant. The ‘Grenette’ was once a building that served as a market as well as a meeting point. It would interconnect the citizens of Lausanne with the countryside, consequently building value for the city as a regional economic center, as well as a social exchange of ideas and values. After the construction of the ‘Palais de Rumine’, the ‘Grenette’ was soon demolished, because its location next to the palace became an inconvenience. This meaningful and once solid building reminds the authors about the ephemeral state of things. On June 12 the authors aim was to rediscover the Grenette’s spirit, by casting on the ground the shadow that its architectural body would project by today’s sunlight. The shadow is represented by the element of water. The element of water is known to exist in three different states: As solid, liquid or gas. When solid, it appears compact, substantial and firm… but once touched by the rays of sunlight and time, its liquefying body exposes the fragility of its form. Now spread on the floor, the liquid water embodies this concept of temporality as soon as it evaporates to gas and is no longer perceptible by the naked eye. Nevertheless, a cloud above comprised of tiny water droplets. Just like the Grenette’s memory still persists.

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