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BALTS, 2015

wood/ linen/ silk


BALTS (WHITE) is an ecumenical home altar for modern believer person. Inspiration and tone of voice based on Latvian environment and Latvian roots - nature, culture, Latvian harmony, simplicity and white work. In today's run people are tired of the environment, the need arises to organise thoughts and spend some time with God.


The altar is collapsible and portable package. This is a free standing, not mechanically attached to the room and other furniture. In addition to the main function of altar which is to provide a conversation with God, it also partially separates the user from rest of the environment.


The aim was to create a design for the modern home altar, create a new sacred design experience in the private room, make more positive comments and opinion from other people who do not practise religion by partly addressing to them to pay greater attention to religion.


The main solved problems: how to put together all the altar in one package design, how to make it more attractive and draw attention to the sacred design, how to achieve collapsibility of the altar, the ease of shape and monumentality, how to encode in the altar designer’s belonging to the Latvian culture.


Mentor: Talivaldis Gaumigs

Project realised at the Art Academy of Latvia. 


Model: Rihards Blaus

Photographer, movie director: Constantine Elijah​

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